China JiLin Forest Industry Group Co., Ltd ., one of the four grand forest industry groups of China, first established the absolute state-owned stock-company type enterprise in China. By the end of August, 2006, THE group completed reforms to the respective 181 units. 70 processing enterprises realized the state-owned capital withdrawal, 63 general service units realized the system of strip transfer, 60 units with functions of society transformed to the local governments, and the 138 thousand staff transformed their work relations completely. The Group by the state-owned sole ownership changed the system state-owned for control stock65%, and the staff hold share35%into a limited liability company.

After the system changing, implementing the mold company system grounded on The Law of Corporation and information in management ,the Group has established the legal person to govern the structure, has set up the shareholder committee, the board of directors ,the board of supervisors and manager level. A modern enterprise system has basically been established.

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