During 10th-Five-year Plan, insisting developing leading products with independent intellectual property right and the key technology as the target, the Group quickened the steps to extend and change the research findings into industrial production .In recent years, the Group has accomplished 48 science and technology attack project items,18 technologies of which won national patent, 9 items gained province-level science and technology achievements, 2 items are national key new products, 6 items are province-level new products, and 13 are being demonstrated as standard items by The National Forestry Bureau and generalized locally as special attack projects, In order to do well in the science and technology research, the promotion and the application, the Group while strengthening the scientific research staff and infrastructure constructions, cooperated positively with the universities, colleges and institutes, promoted the scientific technology advancement and transforms of the scientific research achievements, enhanced the product technology content and impelled the forest industry development. The new product has established 560 million yuan of output value , 100 million yuan of economic effect in accumulative total.

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